Meglio samsung o iphone ?

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Is the question you asked yourself at least once before buying a smartphone better than samsung or iphone? The question arises and compares two brands, historical, as well as very good in terms of telephony and not only … On the one hand we are talking about the American giant of Apple who was the first to launch the touch smartphone in the world, then the other to follow.

Samsung has adapted to the new market demand I would say very well by presenting a valid product at a lower cost than apple. Over the years and at present samsung presents just like apple a top of the range that is usually on the same price as apple.

Better Samsung or Apple?

The question is still this, but the answers are manifold, none or a few really manage to unbalance and tip the balance on one side or the other. We are for Samsung. The reason is very simple, samsung compared to apple adopts a less restrictive policy to use only the circle of samsung programs and products .. With apple if you have all apple, including computers, surely the level of services doubles or even triples, thus creating, a real benefit to the buyer.

Samsung inoltre con android riesce a fornire un software facile e molto intuitivo agli occhi di tutti. Come processore e memorie invece possiamo affermare che siamo lì, la differenza sui top di gamma è minima, qui si va a gusti.

Sul piano fotocamera anche qui c’è poco da dire, entrambi i modelli top di gamma offrano con prezzi e pezzi simili, un risultato strabiliante. Telefoni da 16 mega pixel, chi l’avrebbe mai detto che la tenologia fosse andata così avanti? Allo stato attuale dei fatti questi smartphone stanno sicuramente facendo calare le vendite della macchine fotografiche perchè escludendo gli appassionati di fotografia, nessuno compra più una macchina fotografica.

Smartphone o Reflex?

This is certainly a paradox of the 21st century because a smartphone cannot do what a reflex camera does .. Many people because they have found programs that make you activate the focus in taking the picture, then you feel crazy and think you can do what it does a photographer..Well, I say to you, you are out of the way.

What do you prefer? Samsung or Iphone?

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